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Sunday Sundries: Week 17

They played games this past week, too!

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Milwaukee Brewers
Or Broxton!
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Well. That was quite the week. Lost in all of the off the field hoopla is the fact that the Brewers went 6-1 for the week.


They now have series with San Diego, Arizona, Atlanta, and Cincinnati. That’s thirteen games against teams that are at about the same level as the Brewers...or lower. They could get to August 16th riding a 17 game winning streak, and 19 of 20, knocking on the door for the second Wild Card spot!

Or not.


Scooter Gennett seems to have developed into a very dependable, solid hitter. Not too high, not too low. Occasional power. Clutch hitting, whether you believe in it or not. For the past week he slashed .440/.517/.600 with a double, a homer, 5 walks, 2 steals, and 11 hits. That’s a good week, folks.

Honorable Mention: Lots of candidates as the team hit well for the week. Some things jumped out at me (for instance, I considered Capt. Kirk but he struck out 11 times in 22 at bats...and that in a week where it seemed like he was doing well!). Hernan Perez had another good week and had a very Perez-like slash of .333/.321/.556 - no walks and a sac fly.

But I’m going with Keon Broxton. Fourth time’s the charm! Keon slashed .333/.455/.722 (oddly, Broxton and Gennett both OPS’d at 1.177), with a double, triple, and homer, driving in 4 and walking 4 times. He fanned 6 times, but I nitpick. This is the guy we’ve been hoping for with every plane ticket from Colorado Springs.


I should rename this the Junior Guerra section. Another great start; 8.2 innings, 4 hits, 0.58 WHIP, etc. etc. etc. If he keeps up even a shadow of what he has been doing he’s going to get significant votes for ROY.

Honorable Mention: Time for me to rectify a wrong. I have been dismissive of Jhan Marinez this year. He has filled an important role: that of long reliever. He keeps the team in games and eats up innings. In a week that really didn’t have much in the way of long relief need, Marinez worked 3.1 innings, allowed no runs, a WHIP of 1.2, and struck out 5. He could very well be pitching more meaningful innings soon.

A side note: the worst ERA for the week on the staff was Jimmy Nelson’s 3.77. That’s how you go 6-1.


The one Brewers’ loss was a real clunker, the 8-1 debacle against the D’Backs. That game saw the benching of Jonathan Villar (and left him benched for the next game). The thing that I liked most about the situation was how Craig Counsell handled it. First, he waited an inning to cool down before removing Villar for his ill-fated attempt to steal third...time to cool down and be sure of what he wanted to do. Then, he very calmly and honestly discussed it after the game. No "it’s an internal thing, and we aren’t going to discuss that". He is very good at managing people, and I expect he will have a long career as a manager - hopefully all with the Brewers.


Lots of trade talk this week, and I go to BrewCrewJosh to toss in a brilliant idea:


Brewers need to demand we trade AAA venues with whoever wants Lucroy as well

by BrewCrewJosh on Jul 29, 2016 | 12:43 PM


Enjoy your week, everybody. This past one was fun!