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Trade Deadline Countdown Thread

The non-waiver trade deadline is this afternoon and so far the Brewers have only traded Aaron Hill. Today could be the busiest day of trades in Brewers history. Or the most disappointing...

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well here we are folks. Today at 3 pm Central is the non-waiver trade deadline. We've been talking about today for months. Yet as of this moment, the only trade the Brewers have pulled off was the Aaron Hill to Boston deal. That likely means one of two things. Today will be one of the most active day of trades in franchise history or it will be the most disappointing. Jonathan Lucroy vetoed a trade to the Indians, putting the Brewers in a bit of a tough spot. It appears as though only the Rangers are still in the bidding. And I've not heard much on Jeremy Jeffress, nor anyone else really. Of course none of that means much at all. For all we know, the Brewers will trade them all today. So let's gather here and discuss the rumors as they start to fly. And let's cross our fingers that it's like Christmas in July August.