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Sunday Sundries: Week 19

A week at Miller Park brings mixed results

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers
Ryan Braun mashed it this week
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

This week felt worse than 3-4. Maybe it was because the Brewers outscored their opponents 38-35 but still didn’t get a winning week. Maybe it’s because the Brewers played two teams lower than them in the standings but still didn’t get a winning week. Maybe it was because Junior Guerra went on the DL, and Wily Peralta was recalled to replace him...AND THAT WASN’T THE REASON IT WASN’T A WINNING WEEK!


TOP HITTING STORY: Ryan Braun loves hitting at Miller Park. At least he did this week. Four more homers (22 on the season; can he pass Chris Carter?); and he slashed .435 /.480 /1.043...that’s Joey Vottoesque right there, folks. That’s a 1.523 OPS. Any contenders out there kicking themselves for not sending 3 of their top prospects to Milwaukee for the 9 RBI Ryan had? I would think so!

Honorable Mention: Several candidates, but I’m going with Martin Maldonado. The Machete hit well post-Jonathan Lucroy, going for .313 /.353/ .688 on the week. Two dingers, 4 RBI. Combined with the effectiveness of Manny Pina at the plate since his call-up, the catching spot isn’t the black hole I feared once Lucroy was dealt. Unless it is their fault that the Brewers’ pitching wasn’t real effective for the most part this week.

TOP PITCHING STORY: Speaking of effective pitching...Wily Peralta? Who knew? Wily had really shown nothing at AAA to lead me to believe that he was going to come back up and be successful for the Brewers. In ten starts he went 41.1 innings, gave up 5 homers, ERA of 6.31, had a WHIP of 1.742...he didn’t come up on merit, folks.

So he comes back to Milwaukee, gets two starts, goes 12innings with a WHIP of 1, an ERA of 2.25, and goes 1-1. His fastball is hitting 97; his slider is sharp and on the corners. I’m stunned and perplexed. How does this happen? But I’ll take it. If this somehow continues, it really gives the Brewers a much better look in the rotation for next season.

Honorable Mention: Congrats to Rob Scahill; the waiver pick-up from Pittsburgh got his call up and has run with it. He worked four games, with 5 shutout innings. WHIP of 0.8. When I watch him pitch I don’t see how he does it; velocity is meh, control is meh; results so far are not meh at all.

IMHO: It’s time to give Michael Blazek some time off. He was used in three games this week, pitched to an ERA of 9 (and a Runs Allowed Average of 15 per 9), with a WHIP of 2.33. He only walked 2, but opponents hit .462 against him. His fastball velocity is down and his slider is not sharp at all. He can’t locate...he looks like a pitcher that is throwing hurt.

COMMENT OF THE WEEK: The Astros DFA'd Carlos Gomez this week. Aside from personal feelings of sadness for Carlos, it brought up the question of 'whither Gogo?'. Kyle reviewed the situation and discussed the odds of the Brewers bringing him back here.

Kyle's opinion was that there wasn't room in the Brewers' current situation to bring back Gomez, as much as many would love to see him back. That was pretty much agreed to by most. Hank's Intentional Walkies spoke to the difficulties facing Carlos and his future career.


He has been bad enough that it's possible nobody gives him that opportunity

He might have to summon up a bit of humility if he wants to play anywhere again. He was living off athleticism, not skill. He hasn’t become any better of a hitter now than he was as a rookie, and his fielding has become confusingly bad. Tbh he should probably accept an assignment in the minors somewhere to work on his form if he wants to extend his career.


A tough week starting with a day-night doubleheader in Chicago Tuesday. Hope that series doesn't get too ugly, and hope Wily can continue with success against better opposition.

Ta Ta for now.

stats courtesy of Fangraphs