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What We Learned: Recapping the busy weekend

If you were living under a rock or in a coma for the last four days, you missed a lot. Catch up on everything that happened in today’s What We Learned.

Milwaukee Brewers v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

The Jonathan Lucroy & Jeremy Jeffress Trade

Brewers Trade Jonathan Lucroy, Jeremy Jeffress to Texas for Lewis Brinson, Luis Ortiz, and PTBNL | -JP-, BCB

Right at the deadline yesterday, the Brewers and Rangers agreed to a trade that sent Jonathan Lucroy and Jeremy Jeffress to the Rangers for two minor-league players and another player to be named later.

Offical: Texas Rangers get Lucroy, Jeffress for Ortiz, Brinson, PTBNL | Adam J. Morris, Lone Star Ball

For a view from the other side, here’s the story from the SB Nation site for the Texas Rangers.

Brewers Trade Rumors: Rangers “Strongly in Mix” For Lucroy + Starter/Reliever; Joey Gallo likely centerpiece | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

Before the trade went down, several rumors were flying about what the Brewers could get from the Rangers in the trade. The Mets were also in the picture at one point.

Brewers Trade Rumors: Mets up offer, Lucroy out of lineup | Derek Harvey, BCB

Though the Mets initially came out with a weak offer, they eventually increased their offer and became a more serious contender for Lucroy.

Lucroy, Beltran report tomorrow, Gallo being optioned | Adam J. Morris, Lone Star Ball

Lucroy will make his debut for the Rangers on Tuesday.

Brewers bulk up their farm with Brinson and Ortiz | Wayne Cavadi, Minor League Ball

In the trade with the Rangers, the Brewers grabbed the #2 and #3 prospects in the Rangers system.

Who are the Brewers getting in Lewis Brinson and Luis Ortiz? | Justin Schultz, The First Out At Third

A look at the prospects the Brewers are getting back in this trade.

Trade deadline winners and losers: Rangers go for it, Astros strike out | David Schoenfield,

Though the Rangers are a winner as they are much better with the trades that they have made, Lucroy is on the losing side as he tried to get a better situation with his no-trade clause and it didn’t play out the way he wanted.

The Rejected Indians Trade

Brewers Reportedly Agree to Send Lucroy to Cleveland For 4 Prospects | eddiemathews, BCB

Late Saturday night, the Brewers had a deal in place with the Indians to send Jonathan Lucroy to the Indians for a set of four prospects.

Cleveland Indians have a deal in place to acquire Jonathan Lucroy from Brewers | Matt R. Lyons, Let’s Go Tribe

Original post from Let’s Go Tribe on the acquisition of Jonathan Lucroy.

Cleveland Indians fans making impashioned plea for Jonathan Lucroy to drop his no-trade clause | Matt R. Lyons, Let’s Go Tribe

Before Lucroy exercised the clause, fans took to Twitter to encourage Lucroy to not exercise the no-trade clause.

Jonathan Lucroy has exercised his no-trade clause, vetoes trade to the Indians | -JP-, BCB

With several concerns about the trade, and the ability to reject the trade, Lucroy used his no-trade clause to reject the trade.

Jonathan Lucroy exercises no-trade clause, voids trade to Cleveland Indians | Matt R. Lyons, Let’s Go Tribe

Naturally, Indians fans were upset when Lucroy exercised the no-trade clause.

Report: Cubs, Dodgers were "mystery teams" in talks for Jonathan Lucroy | -JP-, BCB

In the original negotiations for Lucroy, both the Cubs and Dodgers had also asked about Lucroy.

Jonathan Lucroy and saying no to Cleveland | Merritt Rohlfing, Let’s Go Tribe

Lucroy is not the first player to say no to the Indians. Other players have also exercised no-trade clauses to avoid the Indians, and many players include the Indians on their lists.

Lucroy makes right call nixing trade to Indians | Mike Bauman,

Even though it would have been a trade to a contender, Lucroy made the right decision to reject the trade.

Lucroy Takes Control of His Future | Jack Moore, BP Milwaukee

The contract Lucroy signed with the Brewers has provided a lot of value, though Lucroy ended up losing a lot of value. Vetoing the trade gave him some control over where he went for the first time ever.

There Are No Villains in the Jonathan Lucroy Story | Dave Cameron, FanGraphs

Though it’s a frustrating situation for many people, there’s no one to blame for the situation because no one did anything wrong.

The Will Smith Trade

Brewers Trade Will Smith to San Francisco For Phil Bickford, Andrew Susac | Derek Harvey, BCB

The other big deal of the deadline was the trade of Will Smith to the Giants for catcher Andrew Susac and pitcher Phil Bickford.

Giants trade for left-handed reliever Will Smith, give up Phil Bickford and Andrew Susac | Grant Brisbee, McCovey Chronicles

For a view from the other side, here’s the story from the SB Nation site for the San Francisco Giants.

Brewers snag Bickford and Susac from Giants for Will Smith | Wayne Cavadi, Minor League Ball

In a potential surprise move, the Brewers managed to get the Giants top prospect by trading Will Smith, along with a catcher who could provide a stable presence in the lineup in the near future.

Who are the Brewers getting in Phil Bickford and Andrew Susac? | The First Out at Third

A look at the prospects coming back to Milwaukee in the Will Smith trade.

Other Trade Rumors

Brewers Trade Rumors: “Not Anxious” To Deal Junior Guerra | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

One name thrown around a bit approaching the deadline was Junior Guerra, but the Brewers were not motivated to trade the pitcher.

Brewers Reportedly Talking to Padres About C Derek Norris | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

When the Lucroy trade to Cleveland was in limbo waiting for Lucroy’s approval, the Brewers had looked at Derek Norris a little, presumably to fill the open void now at catcher.

Braves Reportedly Pursued Brewers OF Ryan Braun before Kemp Deal | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

The Braves acquired Matt Kemp as the deadline got closer, but before they did, they also asked about Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun.

Other Roster Moves

Brewers Recall David Goforth, Select Contract of C Manny Pina | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

To help fill two of the three vacated spots, catcher Manny Pina and reliever David Goforth were recalled from Colorado Springs.

Brewers to promote top prospect SS Orlando Arcia | Derek Harvey, BCB

Following last night’s game, the Brewers elected to promote top prospect Orlando Arcia to fill the other open spot on their roster.

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60% of your 2016 Milwaukee Brewers – Trade Deadline Looming | James Hutterer, BCB

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