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Bring the Brewers AAA Affiliate to Verona!

Saving all baseball in the Dairy State in one Swell Foop!

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Milwaukee Brewers Photo Day
Lets help this future broadcaster move a bit closer!
Photo by Rich Pilling/Getty Images

Yesterday, Kyle made a most excellent argument for solving the Brewers’ AAA issues by converting the Milwaukee Mile in West Allis into a AAA park. Please read his full proposal here.

Last spring, a fanpost appeared with the innovative and inspiring idea of locating the Brewers AAA squad in Verona (as Madison doesn’t seem likely to play ball with developing their properties in this vein). You can catch up on the particulars by re-reading (you DID read it the first time, right?) it now.

To recap (as I love to recap): I proposed that Epic Systems owner and noted philanthropist Judy Faulkner team up with Brewers principal owner and Strat-O-Matic expert Mark Attanazio to develop a multi-use indoor stadium for baseball and Epic meetings. Other uses were proposed, all of which I promise to attend. Promises from all of you will have just as much effect on the chances of success for this idea as mine did, I’m sure.

Who knows if this gem of a plan ever crossed the desk of either Judy or Mark? Perhaps they were having a bad day and some minion thought they could use a laugh. But, truth be told, I’ve had no response (that I know of) from either. Of course, a response from them might have been laced with words that have gotten them banned from Brew Crew Ball, so we may never know.

This idea was huge in scope. Maybe too big. Is my solution to scale it back, to do it on the cheap like the aforementioned West Allis proposal?

NO! I tell you, that isn’t how egocentric real estate idea men work! The idea needs to be BIGGER!

So I’m adding a third party to my proposal: The University of Wisconsin. What can they contribute to the plan in these financially strapped times, you ask? Good question. I propose that they add another tenant: the University of Wisconsin baseball team, resurrected for the good of baseball everywhere. Sure, it would take a few years to develop the program, but just think how easy it would be to recruit players from all over to play in this wonderful, domed facility.

Badger baseball has been dormant since 1991, and its loss is mourned by all Wisconsin baseball fans. Well, some. A few, anyways. But that’s not’s return would herald a new era of sports into existence. More jerseys to sell! It would also give UW the opportunity to add another sport for women, for Title IX compliance. Great publicity! Suggestions are welcome.

And if the University can’t see past mere financial considerations, perhaps Madison Edgewood would like a sweetheart deal like this.

Of course, this would mean that we may need to expand our secondary workout area. No problem. I’m sure that a fine real estate deal can be worked out for that.

This opens up the opportunity for investment from Badger donors. I’m looking to spread the costs me out. Perhaps a Kickstarter project, spearheaded by the always generous BCB readers, could further aid the cause.

But these are mere details. Imagine the opportunities: Double header baseball, with a fine Big 10 squad followed by the Brewers’ Madison affiliate. Season ticket purchasers for our AAA nine would automatically get season tickets to Badger games! (What? That was always free? Oh. Well, okay, free brats and beverages? Free parking? Free is always good.) Discounts on other stadium events. We are open to ideas, friends. No idea is too small...or too big, apparently.

Another facet that makes this attractive to our investors is the opportunity to help local high school teams. A schedule of area games could be worked out. Discounted tickets to AAA games could be purchased by attendees of these epic clashes.

I admit, the investment involved here is much greater than that little West Allis thing. But you can’t have nice things without grand ideas...the scope of this would bring in a new era of cooperation in the Badger State unprecedented in history.

I would point out that the distance to Milwaukee from our Verona Stadium is every bit as convenient as the Milwaukee Mile. I mean, sure, we wouldn’t be able to get a player over to Miller Park in the third inning of a minor league game, but heck, they’d probably be scheduled out of town when the Brewers are playing anyways. And these fine facilities would be so attractive to all of those coveted Minor League free agents; the team would be a yearly contender for the PCL crown!

Once again, I don’t expect a response from any of the particulars named in this proposal. Visionaries are often vilified. Plus, there might be opposition from higher-ups in the UW Athletic department...not to name names here. But nothing great ever happens without a great idea.

And would you rather spend a game on the cheap bleachers at the Milwaukee Mile and a post game in a bar like the Stallis Palace, or in the ultra-fine facilities in Alvarez Park and an evening in one of Madison’s State Street establishments or other fine watering holes?

I thought so.