Monday's Friday Fun Bag #4

From AKBrewfan

How do you think the OF situation plays out next year (assuming no Braun trade).
By my count, we’ve got Braun, Sunday, and Broxton in line to start, with home/road Kirk, Reed, and Wren, in the mix. Also, I’d like them to see if they’ve got something with Rymer Liriano. And Brinson might well bust the door in. So could Phillips, if he gets back to his promise.
And Yar Yorec played at Louisville, so I’m sure he’s up quickly.

If Braun doesn’t get traded, the outfield probably won’t look that much different than last year, at least to start the season. Santana will be holding down one corner, with Braun in the other. Broxton seems like the most likely choice for starting CF, with Captain Kirk backing him up. Whether through injury or ineffectiveness by starters, Brinson could be up by the middle of June. Reed and Wren seem like they aren’t actually in the team’s plans for the future.

From Yar Nivek

You get to resurrect a beloved TV show! What do you choose and why :
Bring back Better Off Ted, but using the cast of Firefly.
Bring back Firefly using the cast of Better Off Ted.
The characters stay the same, but the actors are different. Explain who gets the major roles.

In terms of actors, I liked the cast of BoT better than Firefly. Johnathan Slavin is the best, loved him since "Andy Richter…" and want him to get work (but it looks like he’s on "Speechless."). That said, I think it’s easier to fit the Firefly actors into the Ted-i-verse than the other way around (who would be Jayne?)... So re-casting the Better Off Ted reboot with the cast of Firefly…
Nathan Fillion… Ted
Gina Torres… Veronica
Morena Baccarin… Linda
Alan Tudyk… Phil
Adam Baldwin… Lem
Summer Glau… Rose

From M. McIver
What’s the deal with the Packers this year?

You tell me. You tell me.

There’s a good article on FootballOutsiders from this past summer talking about how the Packers receiving corps. Drops the ball more than any team, but something seems off with Rodgers. Does he hate McCarthy. He probably hates McCarthy.

From Notafake
What’s the key to winning at fantasy baseball?