What is missing from a 2019 contender

The trade deadline filled in some pieces but there is still a ways to go. Then again it is 2 years from now and really 2020 is when I hope this team will be a serious world series contender. But lets speculate because there really isn't much else to do:

Pitching: The additions of Ortiz and Bickford along with Hader, Ponce and Diplan give the Brewers a number of arms that could become top of the rotation arms. At this point they lack a clear future ace but the Cubs didn't have an Arrieta and it turned out ok. It would be great to have someone with the hype of a Strasburg but Strasburg hasn't matched the hype. The Brewers have done a good job of picking up arms that could be top of rotation guys. One ace level prospect would be great.

Catching: Teams can win with solid catchers but they don't really have that for certain in the mix and definitely don't have elite prospects at catcher. Catchers take time to develop and often turn into 4th outfielders while in the minors. This is where the Cleveland trade not working could come back to haunt the Brewers.

Infield: I am not convinced that Villar is not having a career year. If he can stabilize and add some power he could be good at third or second. Defense at short will be fine, I don't think hitting will be strong. If there are enough other hitters, the Brewers could succeed with this. Second base needs some sort of prospect. Scooter will be gone next year. First base a void going forward.

The Brewers need some improvement in the infield pipeline.

Outfield: In Brinson the Brewers may have a real impact bat that they will sorely need. Ray may become a solid fifth hitter. The other prospects aren't making me do a happy dance. There is definitely major league talent but I don't see a true impact bat at this point. Major league talent isn't World Series talent.

Hitting: If Brinson becomes a top 20 major league impact bat than the Brewers have made a big step forward. They need another one. Ideally it will be a catcher but first or third base are options. Then they need some other prospects to begin performing closer to their hype than they have been this year. Phillips, Clark et al are not there yet but they still have potential. I am impatient and tired of being underwhelmed. And this is really all about me!

Needs: An ace level pitcher (so difficult to project) and an impact bat for the middle of the line up. Only two positions... doesn't seem like a lot right. Than again it is the two needs that will transition this team from a wildcard wannabe into a World Series level team.

Maybe this will be a really good draft?