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Milwaukee Brewers reportedly showing interest in Greg Holland

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Jon Heyman says Milwaukee is one of multiple teams interested in the former Kansas City relief ace

Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Milwaukee Brewers continue to peruse options for free agent bullpen help, and now they're being mentioned as a potential suitor for someone who used to be one of the game's top relief aces.

Jon Heyman says the Brewers are one of several teams interested in former Royals reliever Greg Holland, who's working his way back from Tommy John surgery.

At his best, Holland was one of the most valuable relievers in baseball, putting up fWARs of 2.1, 3.0 and 2.2 from 2012-2014, with K% rates hovering close to 40%. In 2013, he struck out 103 batters in 67 innings while only walking 18.

Holland underwent Tommy John surgery after the 2015 season, but the Royals believe he actually tore his UCL in 2014. That would mean he put up a 0.82 ERA and helped lead the Royals to a pennant with a torn ligament in his arm that season, then saved 32 more games in 2015 with the elbow damage before getting shut down.

Heyman says Holland wants a two year deal, which is great for teams who might want to ease him back into action after Tommy John, but there's a catch: Holland reportedly wants an opt-out after the first year of the deal, which would allow him to re-enter the free agent market next winter if he exceeds (or even meets) expectations.

A straight two-year deal would have been a dream scenario for the Brewers if they were to sign Holland, giving them a little more bargaining power if they wanted to trade him halfway through the contract. The insistence on an opt-out after the first year complicates matters, though -- if he's pitching well enough to draw trade interest, that probably means he's pitching well enough to opt out after the first year.

Aside from the Brewers, Heyman says the Dodgers, Nationals, Rockies, Reds and "others" are interested in the deal. Holland held a showcase for teams earlier in the winter, but his fastball was only clocked in the high-80s, down significantly from the mid-90s velo he had during his peak seasons.

Statistics courtesy of FanGraphs