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What We Learned: Closers and controversies

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It’s more discussion about closer candidates, as well as a player in the news for the wrong reasons, in today’s What We Learned.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Brewers News and Notes

Links from BCB

Brew Crew Ball Community Top Prospects Vote #7 | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB
Brew Crew Ball Community Top Prospects Vote #8 | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

The BCB top prospects list continues to build, with the #7 vote done and #8 vote in progress.

Milwaukee Brewers reportedly showing interest in Greg Holland | Jaymes L, BCB

The Brewers have shown some interest in reliever Greg Holland, who is working on recovering from surgery.

Brewers Free Agent Targets: Leftover Relievers | eddiemathews, BCB

There are several other relievers on the market, all of which who could fit a role on the team.

Milwaukee Brewers Closer Candidates: Carlos Torres | Jaymes L, BCB

One of the surprising candidates from last season is Carlos Torres, who put in a lot of innings as a successful reliever in 2016.

The Thursday Thinker: Traded Commodities | -JP-, BCB

Many of the members of the Brewers roster were acquired by trade. How many can you name?

Milwaukee Brewers farm director talks Hader, Bickford, Arcia on MLB Network | Jaymes L, BCB

In a recent interview on MLB Network, farm director Tom Flanagan discussed some of the top prospects in the Brewers system.

Hernan and Domingo take a Steamer up the river Thames | justthestatsman, BCB FanPost

While some players are expected to have great seasons, there’s a few projections for Brewers that are not as optimistic.

Links from Other Sites

Milwaukee Brewers organization discussion | John Sickels, Minor League Ball

Over on Minor League Ball, John Sickels is preparing his preseason prospect rankings for the Brewers, and has opened up the discussion on the organization.

Josh Hader is the Brewers’ breakout candidate | Ryan Romano, Beyond the Box Score

Who could be the Brewers breakout candidate this year? That honor could go to Josh Hader, as several projections are very optimistic on him.

Selling While You’re Ahead | Dylan Svoboda, BP Milwaukee

While Junior Guerra did have a breakout year in 2017, trading him now while his value is high may be in the Brewers best interests.

OFP and Minor League Pay | Nicholas Zettel, BP Milwaukee

Minor league pay has been discussed frequently in recent years, and if players were paid based on value, they should earn a lot more.

Crafts Brewing: Mosaic Making | Caitlin Moyer, Cait Covers the Bases

Looking for something to fill the offseason? How about an arts and crafts project based on the Brewers?

Matt Garza sent a ridiculous tweet about birth control | Liz Roscher, Big League Stew

Matt Garza recently posted a tweet on social media that included some of his views on birth control, and the content had some backlash. He did apologize for some of it on Twitter, though the damage is done.

The Brewers should release Matt Garza | Mike Bates, MLB Daily Dish

Unfortunately, some people have much stronger opinions on this issue. Mike Bates is one of them, thinking that the Brewers should completely move on from Matt Garza, because it points too many character issues with him.