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What We Learned: Arbitration figures exchanged, only one case remains

As arbitration figures are exchanged, only one case remains to be resolved. We discuss that and more in today’s What We Learned.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Brewers News and Notes

Links from BCB

Milwaukee Brewers may be close to signing Neftali Feliz, per report | Jaymes L, BCB

The Brewers are closing in on their biggest free agent acquisition of the offseason, as Neftali Feliz is close to signing.

Milwaukee Brewers Avoid Arbitration with Wily Peralta, Carlos Torres | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

With arbitration figures due in on Friday, the Brewers avoided arbitration with two of their three remaining cases, signing Wily Peralta and Carlos Torres to one-year deals.

Brewers, Chase Anderson $400k apart in arbitration figures | Jaymes L, BCB

The one remaining player for arbitration is Chase Anderson, who did exchange figures on Friday. The difference between the two is reported to be $400,000.

Brew Crew Ball Community Top Prospects Vote #9 | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB
Brew Crew Ball Community Top Prospects Vote #10 | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

As the community vote for the top prospects rolls on, the vote is done for #9 and currently open for #10.

Milwaukee Brewers don’t want Junior Guerra to pitch in winter league playoffs | Jaymes L, BCB

Last week, Junior Guerra was announced as pitching in the Venezuelan winter league playoffs, but it was short-lived as the Brewers convinced him to not pitch.

BCB Mailbag 11: Villar, Arcia, and Escobar | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

The eleventh edition of the BCB mailbag is out, with shortstops (past and present) on the main topics of discussion.

Links from Other Sites

Neftali Feliz’s Home Runs | Sean Roberts, BP Milwaukee

Though his HR rate was high last season, it may be an outlier as advanced stats don’t show anything inherently wrong with him.

The Brewers need to trade Ryan Braun this off-season | Steve Altstadt, Disciples of Uecker

Though Ryan Braun is difficult to trade now, waiting may make the situation even worse with his trade market.

Opinion: Matt Garza can’t keep his mouth shut | Travis Sarandos, Disciples of Uecker

After his comments from last Friday caused a lot of backlash around the internet, one opinion suggests that he should just keep them to himself.

The Return of Jorge Lopez | Kyle Lesniewski, BP Milwaukee

Even though he is off the top prospects lists now, Jorge Lopez is heading into 2017 with a lot of positive momentum.

Milwaukee Brewers preliminary prospect grade breakdown | John Sickels, Minor League Ball
Milwaukee Brewers preliminary prospect list | John Sickels, Minor League Ball

The preliminary lists from Minor League Ball are out, preparing for the top 20 ranking of the Brewers system.

Could Scouting Use a Pivot to the Pacific? | Travis Sawchik, FanGraphs

The Brewers grabbed Eric Thames from the Korean Baseball Organization this offseason, and his projections for 2017 look good. Do more teams need to scout this league to find talent?