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The Thursday Thinker: The young generation

The youth movement is taking over the Brewers, as most of the 40-man roster players were born in 1990 or later. Can you name all of them?

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

The youth movement is alive and strong with the Milwaukee Brewers. As the Brewers have traded away players and brought in more prospects, the average age of the team has dropped lower and lower. At this point, enough young players have joined the team that the majority players on the 40 man roster were born in 1990 or later.

That’s where today’s Thursday Thinker is going to test you. On the Brewers current 40-man roster, 22 of the 39 players were born in the year 1990 or later. How many of them can you get in 4 minutes?

(EDIT: There's a bug in the quiz and it's only accepting full names right now. I will fix when I can, but please remember that when taking the quiz.)

(If you’re having trouble viewing the above quiz, you can view the quiz directly on Sporcle here.)

Once you’re done, be sure to post your score in the comments. If you manage to get all 22, post your time as well. It’s all on the honor system, but it’s also just for fun, so don’t cheat. Also, be warned that the comments may contain spoilers. (If you want to be kind, use spoiler text as well when discussing players in the comments.)

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Good luck, have fun, and make sure to post your score in the comments.