2017 Breakout Prospects

Last season we saw a couple prospects have breakout seasons (Diaz, Woodruff, Hader). With that being said I want to take a look at few possible candidates that could be poised for a breakout season. I'm going to be choosing a top prospect (1-10), middle prospect (11-20), lower prospect (21-30), and a sleeper prospect. I'm using the 2016 prospect ranking (not including my top choice).

1.) Lucas Erceg (2016, 2nd round, age: 21): Erceg hit the ground running after being drafted and has yet to look back. He has the size, arm, bat, and athleticism, to profile as a good third baseman. After two seasons at Cal and a season a Menlo (NAIA) he has an advanced approach and feel for the game compared to some of the Brewer prospects. has a player comparison to Chase Utley but I see him more as Kyle Seager type player.

My 2017 projection for Erceg: He starts the year in High-A or AA and hits his way to AAA, lands on the Top 100 prospect list and makes his debut in 2018 (September call-ups) or 2019.

2.) Montee Harrison (2014, 2nd round, age: 21): Harrison's career up to this point has been pretty unspectacular to say the least. He has spent much of his young career on the DL and has missed valuable playing time. When he is not on the DL he has been strike out prone at the plate. But this is the year he figures it out; he has all the tools and might be the most athletic player in the entire Brewers organization. Bleacher Report has a Player Comparison to Torii Hunter, the potential is there but I don't think he can hit well enough to fulfill that comparison. Please prove me wrong.

My 2017 projection for Harrison: Starts in A and does a solid job and eventually gets called up to AA where he will finish out the year. I don't think he will have a traditional breakout year, but I believe (and hope) that he will have no major injury setbacks. Estimated call-up 2020.

3.) Freddy Peralta (signed 2013, age: 20): Peralta pitched pretty decent after getting called up to A ball but there is still concern with his control as well with his size. His delivery does seem smooth and natural as he somewhat pitches across his body. He has a good, low to mid 90's fastball and the possibility of having a MLB average slider and changeup. I couldn't find a player comparison for Peralta and honestly have no idea who to compare him to due to his small stature.

My 2017 projection for Peralta: Starts in A and pitches great and gets moved to AA where he will finish okay. Walk-Rate will still remain a little suspect, but his velocity will be up, and his secondary pitches will improve. Estimated Call-up 2021 (starter) 2020 (reliever)

4.) Nathan Kirby (2015, CBA, age: 23) I'm picking Nathan Kirby as my sleeper due to the fact he's been recovering from Tommy John and hasn't pitched in a year, I also think people have forgot about him because of that reason. He was arguably the best college lefty in the draft and was once a top-5 prospect in that draft. If he can fully recover with no setbacks I believe Kirby could have the biggest breakout of all the Brewer prospects. It's hard to project him because he has yet to throw a pitch as a professional, but I'll just throw out the name Patrick Corbin.

My 2017 projection for Kirby: He starts out the year in rookie ball and pitches the majority of the season in A ball and ends the season in AA with a handful of starts. He will also be on a strict pitch count for a lot of the year. Estimated Call-Up 2019 September call up

Some of my projections may sound ambitious and a little extreme but I believe these players have the all tools, potential, and skills to reach them.