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Brewers 2017 draft pool set at $9.9 million

Come June, Milwaukee will have the 6th-largest draft pool

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers Press Conference Rick Wood-USA TODAY Sports

We may still be six months away from the 2017 MLB draft, but now we know how much money the Brewers will have to spend on the newest members of the organization in June.

Per Baseball America, Milwaukee will have a total of $9,949,200 to give out in bonuses, the 6th-highest amount in the league and nearly $600,000 more than they had to work with last year. The Brewers trail only the Twins ($13,481,500), Reds ($13,006,900), Rays ($11,930,300), Padres ($11,274,000) and A's ($10,863,400).

The Brewers' bonus pool breaks down into the following draft slots:

1st Round: $4,352,000

1st Round Supplemental: $1,889,000

2nd Round: $1,422,000

3rd Round: $634,800

4th Round: $446,200

5th Round: $333,200

6th Round: $251,900

7th Round: $196,900

8th Round: $157,000

9th Round: $137,300

10th Round: $128,700

As Baseball America notes, players picked after the 10th round can sign for up to $125,000 without counting against their team's bonus pool. That's a change from the old CBA, which set that limit at $100,000.

Just like with the previous agreement, teams that fail to sign a player in the first 10 rounds also lose that round's slot value from their pool.

The draft will begin on Monday, June 12th.