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What We Learned: Kicking off the new year

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We look at some stories from the new year in today’s What We Learned.

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Brewers News and Notes

Links from BCB

Milwaukee Brewers 2016 In Review (Part 2): (Re)Building the Perfect Beast | eddiemathews, BCB

The end of year review continues with a look at the second half of the

Looking Back: Memorable Brewers Defensive Plays of 2016 | Jaymes L, BCB
Looking Back: Top Brewers Pitching Performances of 2016 | Jaymes L, BCB

Continuing in the look back at 2016, here are some of the best defensive plays of the year, as well as some of the top pitching performances.

Moving on: Brewers who passed away in 2016 | Kyle Lobner, BCB

As 2016 ends, we look back at the Brewers who passed away in the course of the year.

BCB Mailbag 9: New Year’s Eve Edition | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

In the last mailbag of the year, Kyle talks about more for next season in addition to other topics.

Hernan Perez Wins Venezuelan Winter League Batting Title, Gold Glove Award | eddiemathews, BCB

The winter has been good for Hernan Perez, who has put together a successful winter in the Venezuelan League.

Three Moves I'd Still Like to See | mjdietz, BCB FanPost

With around a month and a half to go until spring training, there are still moves to be carried out this offseason.

Exploring a Scooter Gennett Trade | Jack Stern, BCB FanPost

One of the topics of discussion lately has been a Scooter Gennett trade. What would it take to trade him?

Rookie Meme of the Year | Yar Nivek, BCB FanPost

In a yearly tradition, it’s a look back at the new memes created last year.

Links from Other Sites

Braun, Brinson among Brewers' questions | Adam McCalvy,

As 2017 starts, there are a few questions that still have to be answered for the Brewers this offseason.

3 Remaining Needs: NL Central | Charlie Wilmoth, MLB Trade Rumors

A team-by-team breakdown of what each team in the NL Central still needs to do this offseason.

Brewers Offseason Workout Jams | Caitlin Moyer, Cait Covers the Bases

If your plan for the new year includes getting back to the gym, there’s a Spotify playlist for you.

Drafting and Developing Pitchers | Kyle Lesniewski, BP Milwaukee

The Brewers have been successful at drafting pitchers to make it to the majors, though they haven’t always been the ones to benefit from it.