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BCB Mailbag 10: Earn $87 an hour from home!

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Answering the burning questions from you, the reader.

Milwaukee Brewers v Colorado Rockies Photo by Joe Mahoney/Getty Images

Thank God it’s Friday!

icelandreliant asks:

Why is Ryan Cordell so ignored?

I forget about his existence all the time since he didn’t yet play for our affiliates last year, but he has some pretty solid stats. What is his potential?

Ryan Cordell feels so ignored for exactly the reason you suggested, because he did not play for any of the Brewers’ affiliates this season. He was the PTBNL from the Rangers and didn’t arrive until after the MiLB season ended, and missed the last month of the season with an ankle injury so he didn’t have the opportunity to generate excitement like Lewis Brinson did with his riveting production in Colorado Springs.

As a prospect, Cordell profiles as sort of on the borderline of a starter and productive fourth outfielder. It depends on how well the hit tool will end up translating, and Cordell has ran up some high-ish strikeout rates over the last two years in AA (though it decreased from 30% in 2015 to 21% this past year). He’s got the potential for average power and is a good runner (12+ steals in each pro season). After struggling as an infielder, he transitioned to a full-time outfielder in 2016. He spent most of his time in center field (and is capable of playing the corners as well) and has the tools be an above-average defender.

After hitting .264/.319/.484 with 19 home runs and 12 steals in 107 games in AA in 2016, Cordell has probably earned a shot at the highest level of the minors. With the backlog of outfielders in the upper levels of the system, however, we’ll have to wait and see if that’s where he ends up or if he’ll start the year in Biloxi.

GoGregGo asks:

Let's talk about some lesser discussed Brewers on here

I was thinking Hernan Perez. O/U .650 OPS for 2017?



Wily as closer?

Would the Brewers consider it? Any indication that they have?

It’s certainly an enticing idea, isn’t it? In fact, Jaymes will be covering this topic more in depth within his closing candidates series next week, but I know it’s something that the community has been clamoring for on-and-off for a while now. When Peralta is at his best he throws a hard, sinking fastball along with a hard, biting slider. His changeup’s never been very useful, however, and his command hasn’t typically been all that reliable.

After finishing the season with a flourish, however, and getting tendered to an arbitration contract that is projected at $4.4 mil by MLB Trade Rumors, I think it’s safe to say that Wily will be opening the season in the starting rotation. He’s still got that “former 17 game winner” track record and posted a full-season ERA of 3.53 just two seasons ago, and at 27 shouldn’t yet be in physical decline. I don’t think he’ll have an especially long leash this year, though, as the club has already shown a willingness to move him to the minors and players like Josh Hader, Luis Ortiz, Brandon Woodruff, and Jorge Lopez are just a few of the bevy of players that are knocking on the door and could earn a look in the big league rotation next season. If he flops in the starting rotation early on next season again like he did in 2016, then the club may consider giving him a look in relief to try and salvage some value before having to make a decision on a rising arbitration salary in 2018.

BrewersFaithful asks:

Colorado Springs

Honestly, how the hell can we get out of Colorado Springs? What kind of time frame are we looking at?

Milwaukee just signed another 2 year player development contract with Colorado Springs, and they’ll need to try and swoop in and find another AAA franchise that’s looking to switch affiliations next time around. What’s worse is that the plan to move the Sky Sox to Texas is now on hold with no real timetable. This could conceivably be a problem for awhile, though Mark could always decide to buy his own AAA affiliate and move it somewhere better.

drezdn asks:

Any ideas on how I can earn $87 dollars an hour working from home?

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Thanks for all your questions this week, everyone. Don’t forget to vote for top prospect #3 this weekend if you haven’t already!

Statistics courtesy of Fangraphs