Dinner and Signing CC Sabathia (Somehow these subjects seem to go together)

Does anyone have a good idea for what I should make for dinner tonight?

When you take into account current salaries, potential extensions and arbitration raises this year and in the next few years, the Brewers have the most flexibility in 2018 and 2019. Depending upon extensions and if the Brewers look for opportunities to front load some multi-year contracts there could be approximately $20 to $35 million payroll expansion available each of these years while still maintaining total salaries around $105 M a year.

The Brewers could use some depth at starting pitching and veteran leadership to help them succeed.

One option would be to sign CC Sabathia to a two year contract at approximately $11 M a year plus incentives for a potential total of $25 M over two years.

This isn't the CC Sabathia of 2008 or even the pitcher that signed with the Yankees for $25 M a year. This is a 37 year old pitcher that has figured out how to pitch with less impressive velocity. Each of the last three years he has lowered his ERA and pitched at least 150 innings. His .369 ERA in 2017 was his best in the last five years. Living a more sober life may have something to do with this. He limits homeruns and walks and provides solid although not extremely deep starts.

He is older and many teams may not be willing or able to take a two year risk with him. Who knows, he may not even want a two year contract, but this could be a way to stretch his annual salary impact over the two years that the Brewers have flexibility so that he isn't the only signing the Brewers can make.

There is the emotional reason to sign Sabathia. Many in Milwaukee still remember him taking the Brewers on his back as a younger man and carrying the team into the post-season. And, at the time at least, he really liked pitching for the Brewers.

On the negative side, CC is likely to end up with a stint on the disabled list over the two years and he doesn't dominate the way he once did. You can't count on more than 150 innings a year at this point.

But CC as a Brewer is a statement to the team that management is serious about winning now and his experience winning in the post season will be very valuable.

How does Chicken Fried Rice sound?

I have some left over chicken which I think is still good.