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Brew Crew Ball is Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

U.S. Journalist Celebrate Thanksgiving in Pakistan Photo Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

The Milwaukee Brewers took a major step forward in 2017 despite entering the year with a young roster and no outside expectations. We can all be thankful that we were treated to winning baseball this season and witnessed the breakouts of several players who figure to play integral roles with the team going forward, even if our beloved local nine ultimately fell one game short of the postseason.

As a staff, we are all thankful for the community that we have that truly makes this site great. Today on Thanksgiving, we wanted to share with you all some things we are thankful for:


I'm thankful to have a more positive team to write about, that the seeds that were planted a few years ago are growing and producing fruit on the major league team now. I'm thankful that we get an escape here from everything else that is going on in the world. Finally, I'm thankful to just be around people that are encouraging and supportive in my life.


I'm thankful for a grandmother who loved baseball and passed it on to her grandkids, the roof on Miller Park, and the opportunity to write about something I truly enjoy for BCB.

Jaymes L

I'm thankful for such an unexpected, fun season from the Brewers on the field, which in turn led to a fun year at BCB. As a real-life introvert that doesn't say a whole lot but still loves being able to talk sports with people, I'm also thankful to have this platform to write about a team I've always been fond of, and interact with people I otherwise wouldn't have gotten to know.


First and foremost, I’m thankful for my loving wife, and our three beautiful children. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be managing editor here at BCB, and thankful for all of your interaction and feedback on the news and ideas that we present to you all.

I’m thankful for the Brewers and for living and growing up in the Milwaukee area just a few miles away from Miller Park. I’m thankful for the direction this franchise is heading and for the front office that’s been assembled in Milwaukee. I’m thankful for Ryan Braun and Junior Guerra and that they’re both still wearing a Brewers uniform as of today.

Have a happy holiday! Here a couple of questions for you to muse on in between bites of stuffing:

What are you thankful for?

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?