Rule 5 shopping list

Here is a great list of main rule 5 draft eligible players on each team.

I am hoping DS can find a reliever here. DFA Drake spot should be used. Also, it may be tough to get a good 'un, as we pick very low in the queue. Maybe we can make a deal with a team after Ohtani (they need international money). We have some INTL money, but not enough to do much with, if I recall correctly. My quick look at the list shows that I would be interested in re pitching

Jose Almonte (Arizona system, but was a 610k Red Sox signee in 2012)

Wei-Chieh Huang (Arizona)

Tyler Pike (leftie from Atlanta, former 3rd round pick by Seattle)

Brendan McCurry (small rightie with very good control from Houston system)

Luke Bard (a Twinkies first (compo) round pick, up to 95 mph, very good K to BB ratio (4:1) in his career, was in AAA last year, 27 years old)

Jake Reed (Twinkie 5th rounder with 96-97 mph fastball, with very good stats (era and whip) the last two years in AA and AAA; 25 years old)

Raynel Espinal (Yankees)