Tim Dillard performed at the Univision Awards


Tim Dillard has been pitching with the Milwaukee Brewers' organization for the last 15 seasons, but in recent years he has began to earn more notoriety for his escapades off than field than he ever did for his 73 MLB appearances. Dillard and teammates can often be found lip-syncing on his Twitter account (@DimTillard), and his affinity for Latin music has helped him develop a quite a following in Spanish-speaking countries. Back in April, Dillard was featured in a spot on Univision Deportes talking about his antics, and he apparently parlayed that into an appearance at last night's Univision Awards. There's no telling how much longer Dillard plans on continuing on the mound, but he certainly seems to have found a calling in the entertainment industry once he hangs up his spikes. It would really be a darn shame if the Brewers don't figure out some way to include him as a television or radio personality with the organization once he concludes his playing career.