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Brew Crew Ball Community Top Prospects Vote #28

This is your chance to choose who the most exciting future Brewers are!

Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets
Hernan Iribarren.
Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is done, and football is season is over. After a long, dreary winter in Wisconsin, it’s time for baseball! Pitchers and catchers reporting is now less than one week away, rejoice and be glad!

Our local nine has been only modestly active this winter, especially in comparison to last, though it can be argued that Slingin’ David Stearns has already completed most of the heavy lifting regarding the great Milwaukee Brewers Rebuild. While cutting swaths through the major league roster, Stearns (and his predecessor Doug Melvin) has left in his wake one of the top minor league systems in the game as rated by just about any outlet there is.

Now it’s your turn to parse through Milwaukee’s top prospects and vote for where you think they stack up in the rejuvenated farm system. You’ll be given guidance from the top prospect lists that have already been released, and once outlets like Fangraphs, MLB Pipeline, and Minor League Ball update their lists for 2017, those will be included, too.

Yesterday, you collectively selected Taylor Williams as Milwaukee’s #27 prospect. Today, he has been removed from the list and Tyrone Taylor has been added as we’ll vote for top prospect #28 through the weekend:

RHP Trey Supak (20)

Acquired from PIT (Dec 2015)

2016 Stats (R-A):

58.1 IP || 3.24 ERA || 51 K || 18 BB || 3 HR || 1.303 WHIP

MLB Pipeline: 30
Fangraphs: n/a
ESPN: n/a

OF Michael Reed (24)

Drafted 5th round in 2011

2016 Stats (AAA):

492 PA || .248/.366/.365 || 8 HR || 20 SB || 124 K || 74 BB

MLB Pipeline: 27
Fangraphs: n/a
ESPN: 16

3B/1B Chad McClanahan (19)

Drafted 11th round in 2016

2016 Stats (R):

159 PA || .208/.277/.333 || 3 HR || 1 SB || 45 K || 11 BB

MLB Pipeline: 29
Fangraphs: n/a
ESPN: n/a

RHP Jon Perrin (23)

Drafted 27th round in 2015

2016 Stats (A-A+-AA):

150.0 IP || 3.06 ERA || 144 K || 23 BB || 6 HR || 1.133 WHIP

MLB Pipeline: n/a
Fangraphs: n/a
ESPN: n/a

OF Tyrone Taylor (23)

Drafted 2nd round in 2012

2016 Stats (AA):

519 PA || .232/.303/.327 || 9 HR || 9 SB || 73 K || 38 BB

MLB Pipeline: 26
Fangraphs: n/a
ESPN: n/a

Statistics courtesy of Baseball-Reference