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Chase Anderson loses arbitration hearing, will make $2.45 million

The starting pitcher went to an arbitrator to decide his 2017 salary, and the arbitrator ruled for the Brewers.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

The Brewers one remaining arbitration case has been resolved. Chase Anderson and the Brewers went before an arbitrator last week, with Anderson seeking $2.85 million in 2017, and the Brewers countering with $2.45 million. The result of the case was delayed pending the hearings of other first-year arb starting pitchers, but with those resolved, the results were announced today. The independent arbitrator ruled in favor of the Brewers, and Anderson will make $2.45 million in 2017.

The salary that Anderson will receive is in line with the salaries that other first-year arb starting pitchers have received, though it would be on the lower end of those salaries. A few weeks ago, I looked at the possible salaries for Chase Anderson, and his numbers were right in line with what similar pitchers had made in their first year of arbitration. However, the Brewers successfully argued that the lower amount was more reasonable for Anderson. The Brewers taking Anderson to arbitration shows their commitment to getting the proper value for players, which is also the reason why they chose to non-tender Chris Carter. It’s not about saving money as much as it is about getting the best value for what they spend.

With this case resolved, all of the Brewers arbitration-eligible players are now signed for the 2017 season. The only contracts left to finish are the pre-arbitration players, who will likely all make close to the major-league minimum of $535,000.