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Bovada sets Milwaukee Brewers over/under at 69.5 wins

Milwaukee gets a not-so-nice outlook from Vegas.

Baseball Prospectus may be projecting the Brewers for 76 wins this year, but it looks like the oddsmakers in Vegas are more bearish on the Brew Crew.

Bovada is releasing their annual season win total over/under prop bets today, pegging the Brewers at 69.5 wins.

That's tied with the Chicago White Sox for the second-lowest total in the league, ahead of only the San Diego Padres' O/U of 66.5.

Here's how the rest of the division plays out in the eyes of Vegas:

Chicago Cubs: 95.5
St. Louis Cardinals: 84.5
Pittsburgh Pirates: 82.5
Cincinnati Reds: 70.5

The Cubs have the highest O/U in all of baseball, which makes sense -- they're the most visible team in the game right now, and Vegas likely wants to cash in on that by setting the line a little higher than where it should be (for the sake of comparison PECOTA has the Cubs at 91 wins, but that's not without some controversy either).

Other favorites of those who set the lines:

Los Angeles Dodgers: 93.5
Boston Red Sox: 92.5
Cleveland Indians: 92.5
Washington Nationals: 90.5

What do you think? Are the Brewers a decent bet to crack 70 wins?