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Jason Hammel Signs With Kansas City Royals (Phew!)

I was getting nervous...

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs
Not a Brewer
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I had no reason to believe that the Brewers had any interest in Jason Hammel. No rumors. Certainly no need. But man, I was getting nervous. Doug Melvin is still affiliated with the organization, and Mark Attanasio is still the principal owner. That is the combination that brought us Matt Garza (the gift that keeps on giving), Kyle Lohse (ok, Kyle did his job - but cost the Brewers that pick) and Jeff Suppan (shudder). I just had this nagging fear that as the market for Hammel shrunk, he would be more and more willing to accept a two year deal with the Brewers, and the Brewers (operating under the theory that you can never have enough pitching) would jump in with an offer.

That would have been illogical, in my opinion - a signing like that just doesn’t fit with the direction of the team at the moment. And it appears that Slingin’ David Stearns is FIRMLY in control of player acquisition (and de-acquisition - see here, and here). So maybe the thought never really crossed their minds. But I’ve been a Brewer fan since the team relocated to Milwaukee in 1970, so I can attest to the fact that logic hasn’t always been behind the moves made by our local nine.

Kansas City’s signing of Hammel (as reported by MLB Trade Rumors) to a 2-year deal takes that temptation off of the boards. The Royals seem to be trying to remake themselves on the fly - still contending but realizing they better get younger...or at least get different. The Brewers tried that for years; it appears that the Rockies and D-Backs are on that train, too. Maybe it will work for them. It’s tough for the Rockies and D-Backs as they compete with the Dodgers and Giants. For the Royals, it seems like the AL Central is up for grabs yearly and it’s worth a shot.

Junior Guerra. Zach Davies. The aforementioned Garza. Tommy Milone. Jimmy Nelson. Wily Peralta. Chase Anderson. Jorge Lopez. Even Josh Hader, Luis Ortiz, Brandon Woodruff, Aaron Wilkerson, Taylor Jungmann... There is enough depth there to staff the major league roster and half of Colorado Springs, and perhaps even fill out some of rotation in Biloxi. No need to add another (somewhat) expensive arm.

But I just had this fear in the back of my mind...and none of you can tell me it was irrational.