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Baseball Prospectus ranks Milwaukee Brewers’ farm system #3 in MLB

The collection of Baby Brewers rank behind only the Yankees and Braves in BP’s organizational rankings

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers-Workouts Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

After all of the talk about prospects this winter, one thing seems clear -- the Milwaukee Brewers have one of the most highly-regarded minor league systems in baseball.

How highly regarded is a question that has a different answer depending on who you ask, but you'll struggle to find anyone who says they don't have one of the 10 best. Last week, Baseball America placed them 8th. It turns out Baseball Prospectus likes them quite a bit better, ranking them 3rd in all of baseball (subscription required).

The general knock on the Brewers' current system, if there is one, is there are a ton of guys who can eventually become major league contributors, but there's a lack of star power at the top of the system. As good as Lewis Brinson looks, there's still some question from some scouts about his true ceiling at the plate. As good as Josh Hader looks, he's still a pitcher and there are still a few worried he ends up as a reliever.

Still, BP thinks enough of the Brewers' collection of talent to include them in a tier with Philadelphia and San Diego. Considering writer Jeffrey Paternostro calls the two teams ahead of the Brewers -- the Yankees and Braves -- two of the best systems he can ever remember during his time writing about prospects, ranking third is some pretty high praise.

It also makes sense, considering the Brewers placed 7 players in their Top 101 prospects list, trailing only those two teams for number of players represented. Brinson and Hader both ranked in their Top 20, joined on the list by Corey Ray, Isan Diaz, Luis Ortiz, Brett Phillips and Trent Clark.

This is the highest we've seen the Brewers' system ranked thus far. MLB Pipeline also named the Brewers their #5 system in baseball today, along with releasing their list of the Brewers’ Top 30 prospects.