Perhaps what we need is MORE unwritten rules written down

We know the unwritten rules but maybe there should be more not less:

1. If a player beats the shift with an opposite field base hit the manager of the defensive team is required to make a trip to the mound so the fans can all make fun of him. If players makes an error they have to stay on the field and hear it from the fans. If a manager makes a bad call, they should get the same treatment. Let's make them come out and hear about it. And they burn up one trip to the mound in the process.

2. If a catcher is called for interference the next batter gets to push the catcher over once during his at bat. Catcher interference is pretty rare and when it does happen it is taking the bat out of the batter's hands. This demands retaliation! It would make the next at bat that much more interesting to see on which pitch the batter pushes over the catcher while the pitch is on its way to the plate. The pitch still counts just like retaliation by hitting a batter still counts as hitting a batter.

3. Needless throwing to bases. If a pitcher throws over to first base to keep a runner close more than three times in an at bat than the next time the First Baseman bats he gets drilled in the back. After all it is the First Baseman that catches the throw to first so he should be punished. This will stop First baseman from standing there ready to have the ball thrown at them to many times.

4. Swinging bunts: If a batter swings at the ball and it doesn't go past the pitcher’s mound and he gets to first base, he has to carry a purse around the bases with him for the rest of the inning. (Ok, that would have to be written and it would cause all kinds of problems so it probably doesn't work.) How about the batter at least has to raise his hand; like they do in tennis when they trickle a ball over the net?

5. It is perfectly acceptable to pinch a pinch runner but not ok to hit a pinch hitter.