How to turn $100 mill into $150 mill

I am not talking Amway or Enron here. Adam and I had a nice toe to toe in the comments of a thread. We both love the Crew. What other team would have a headline of 'Bob Uecker makes spring debut'? My topic here then, is for Crew fans. How do we get $150 mill payroll value for $100 mill.

I would assume you all think Suppan was not contracted at a 33% discount. Garza? Gagne? Lohse? Hart? Lucroy? Gomez?

So, we do get some wins on contracts (Adam says 'ah ha, I told you'). But to my thinking it is hit and miss or pure luck You will not average 33% discount on hit and miss and 50% strike rate.

Adam did concrete something in my mind re screwy arbitration. And Stearns shows he understands it: Cater not tendered. So, can we define where arbitration is the most screwy? And can we apply that screwiness to the Brewers current roster?

Can we say we want good relievers who are not closers? And we want great D position players who have high OBP (but do not hit home runs or steal bases)? Imagine avoiding home run hitters like the plague. And imagine telling Villar to not steal bases. And imagine only allowing relievers to close in their last year of team control.

There are all sorts of screwy things one can do to take advantage of a screwy system. Let me throw out a few.

You keep Braun in the three spot. Since runs and rbis give arbie money, you leave your contracted player there.

You put Thames in the four spot. You have him under contract. So dont give those RBIs to a Santana or Broxton or Perez.

Villar is a big problem. Since he declined an extension, he is primed for arbie motza batting first and getting lots of runs and stolen bases. I guess he needs to be viewed as a trade piece after a year or two... to a team who can overspend (say the Yanks, Boston, Cubs, LAs, etc)

Scooter and Perez you play enough to help the team, but their numbers (because they dont play every day) will be less and they will be bargains year by year.

Garza is great, because you can have him next year for $5 mill. Or you let him go. Or you trade him for some goodies. He is win-win.

I am not sure our starters are good enough to worry about getting high numbers in arbitration. But a six man rotation or some piggy backing will fix that. Dont let too many wins fall on one arbie guy.

Never, ever sign a free agent. No free agents come at a 33% discount. Well, you can sign reclamation projects, but you gotta be wise. They would need to be one year with team option. So you let them go or you get your discount the next year - on the option.

Arcia is actually the perfect 7 year player for the Crew. He will have great D. He will bat number 8. His batting will be average. His value is in his defense. He will be a bargain every single year - in arbitration.

Make sure you give Broxton and Santana enough days off so their end year stats are not too wonderful.

Most important, have a bundle of players just a bit better than average - each. You dont get killed in arbitration with average+ players. But with 25 players all a bit better than average, you can win 90 games. If you do have a guy under contract 2+ years, you can allow him to be a super star.... so, we are hoping Braun keeps going, Thames mashes, Garza comes back to his 3 era days. And amazingly that seems to be it. The rest can be average plus (until they sign a 2 or 3 contract... then they can become super stars..... note they will not be grump on a short contract being super stars.... and we get our 33% discount)