Milwaukee Brewers 2018 Free Agent Signing - Jonathan Lucroy

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It is possible that at the end of the season we here at BCB will do the 2017 MVBrewers Polls and for the first time in a long time there will not be a catcher in the top ten. Lucroy still made #4 in 2016, and sure the Brewers have three catchers to choose from this season in Jett Bandy, Manny Pina and Andrew Susac, but will they get the production they hope for from the catchers spot?

At the end of 2017 the Brewers will presumably have those three catchers on the 40 man roster, all out of options for 2018, and they may not have one pegged as the ever day starter of the future. By rotating all three throughout the season can they settle on one to play the backup "Maldonado role" in 2018? If they can use 2017 to identify the best candidate for that spot going forward they can bring back fan favorite Jonathan Lucroy on something like a 3 year deal to be the starter. Yes, he will be on the wrong side of 30 but I believe he could still be productive for a few years.

Would he want to return to the Brewers? If he sees a crop of young talent that has a chance to compete I think he would listen to the offer. Lucroy has always expressed that he wants to play for a contender. Would this fit with the team's budget and small market restrictions? I am hopeful it could but it is possible another team will throw a Brinks truck full of cash and several years Lucroy's direction.

I am hopeful that a starter will emerge from the crop of Bandy, Pina and Susac, but that simply may not be the case. If the Brewers are out searching for a catcher next offseason I do not see much on this list. I would welcome Lucroy back as a Brewer and he would again be my favorite player on the team.