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What We Learned: Three wins in a row

The Brewers are on a three-game winning streak after a 2-5 start to spring training. We discuss that and more in today’s What We Learned.

Texas Rangers v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Countdown to Opening Day: 27

This Weekend’s Results

Angels 6, Brewers 5
Brewers 7, Rangers 1
Brewers 9, Rockies 4
Brewers 14, Indians 4

Brewers News and Notes

Links from BCB

The Fall of Brett Lawrie | Jaymes L, BCB

Once a top prospect in the Brewers system, Brett Lawrie has burned through four organizations in seven seasons, and now finds himself looking for a job.

MLB Pipeline ranks Milwaukee Brewers’ farm system #5, releases updated top 30 prospects | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

With the regular season a few weeks away, MLB Pipeline released their organization rankings, as well as an updated top 30 prospect list for the team.

BCB Mailbag 18: Making the Team | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

In this week’s mailbag, topics include early spring training results, regular season predictions, and what prospects would have to do to make the team.

Sunday Sundries - Spring Training Week 1+ | eddiemathews, BCB

Sunday Sundries are back, looking back at the first week plus of games in spring training.

Milwaukee Brewers in the WBC Roundup: Decker starts in Israel’s upset win | Jaymes L, BCB

The World Baseball Classic is also underway now, and we’ve got a daily roundup of that action.

BCB Fanpost Prompt of the Week | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB
Milwaukee Brewers 2018 Free Agent Signing - Jonathan Lucroy | bs81, BCB FanPost

This week’s FanPost prompt is about what free agent you would want to see the Brewers sign within the next three years. Who could the Brewers end up signing?

Considering a Six-Man Rotation | Jack Stern, BCB FanPost

More teams are considering a six-man rotation in today’s game. Would it work for the Brewers?

Poll: Who will be the opening day starter? | Bball_Zeus, BCB FanPost

In less than four weeks, Opening Day will be here. Which of the Brewers starters will get the Opening Day bid?

How to turn $100 mill into $150 mill | danhoff, BCB FanPost

What’s the best way to get the value of a $150 million payroll? It’s to get the best value from a $100 million payroll.

Links from Other Sites

Bold predictions for the 2017 Milwaukee Brewers | Justin Schultz, The First Out At Third

Though it’s still four weeks until the regular season, the first bold predictions for the season are already coming out.

Projecting the Biloxi Shuckers outfield and Opening Day Lineup in 2017 | Chris Harris, The Shuck Dynasty

Who will be in the Shuckers outfield and Opening Day lineup? While much depends on which players make the Brewers and Sky Sox, some predictions can be made.

Today’s Action

The Brewers have the day off.