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Introducing the BCB Rewards Program!

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You’ve been reading articles, writing comments, and earning recs for so long. Now, it’s time to put them to good use!

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Today we are rolling out an exciting new program for all of you readers here on Brew Crew Ball: The BCB Rewards Program! You’ve been reading articles and saving up recs for so long, it’s time to put them to good use! We’ve put together a lineup of prizes that will encourage you to continue reading, as well as post your own comments, FanShots, and FanPosts! You can also rec other people’s posts to help them build up their own supply of points!

First of all, here’s how the system works. You collect points based on your different activities around Brew Crew Ball. Here’s the point system:

  • Read a post*: 1 point
  • Comment on a post: 2 points
  • Earn a rec: 5 points
  • Write a FanShot: 10 points
  • Write a FanPost: 25 points

* Note: Ad block must be disabled to get credit for reading a post.

Here’s the best part: We’ve been tracking your activities on the site for a long time, so we’ve already set all of you up with a starting balance! Based on how many points you have, you’ll be able to buy something right away!

Let’s discuss the most important part of this now: What can you trade these points in for? Here’s a list of the initial prizes available, with more to be added in the future!

25: Hooper Norris Rookie Card

Back when Hooper Norris was a rookie, we got so excited about his potential that we printed a warehouse full of these cards. Unfortunately, we were only able to give a few away, leaving us with so many and nothing to do with them. As a result, they are available for you to obtain! At this cheap price, it won’t take you long to build up your own collection of these cards!

100: Calligraphy pen

Did you enjoy the lineup cards when Jerry Narron was bench coach for the Brewers? Now, you can make your own lineup cards with this official calligraphy pen! Enjoy making your own cards for each game! (Lineup cards and calligraphy lessons not included.)

250: Coupon for a free pan of lasagna

Everyone loves lasagna, right? Enjoy a lunch or dinner on us with a coupon for a free pan of lasagna! (Not recommended to use as a shortstop.)

500: Jar of cinnamon

There’s been so much cinnamon removed around BCB that we didn’t want it to go to waste. So, we decided to pack it into jars and give it away as a prize! Tired of people removing cinnamon from their arguments? Now you can add it back in! It’s also very useful for cooking!

1,000: Replica Deputy badge

Have you ever wanted to be a deputy like Ryan Braun? Now you can be with this replica deputy badge! Designed to look like the one that Ryan Braun wears, you can now enforce your own level of justice while wearing this badge!

5,000: Towel pillow

It’s more comfortable than it looks! Rest your head in public with this small towel rolled up into a pillow. It’s made of a soft fabric for maximum comfort. Can also convert into a regular towel for every day needs! (Not responsible for neck injuries as a result of sleeping with this.)

10,000: Stephen Chapman autobiography

It’s the only book in the library, so it must be good, right? Well, now you can find out for yourself. Written by Stephen Chapman himself, take a look through his life and Brewers career. Never released in stores, this is the only way to obtain it!

25,000: Rally Lobster costume

Are you a pet owner? Do you like to dress up your dog in costumes? Are the Brewers behind and you want them to rally to a win? The Rally Lobster costume is perfect for you! Put your dog in the costume and watch the Brewers put together a ninth-inning rally to get that important win! Only available in small dog sizes.

50,000: Sarcasm detector

It can be tough to navigate the comments of BCB and know when people are being serious and when they are being sarcastic. Now, you can tell for sure with this sarcasm detector! Endorsed by Bob Uecker, you’ll never have to guess again about what is sarcasm and what is not! Not recommended for use around guys who sell comic books. Batteries not included, but can be added on for an additional 1,000 points.

100,000: Free 30-minute consultation with official BCB meat man

It’s almost Opening Day, and you need to get that meat lineup set for the season. We can help you with that. This 30-minute consultation with the official meat man will help you get in shape for the Brewers season. Our resident expert knows his stuff with brats and other sausages, along with hamburgers, chicken, ribs, and any other kind of meat you would cook during the season. He’ll set you up with a plan that will ensure maximum enjoyment throughout the baseball season!

250,000: A trip in the BCB Roflcopter

Ever wanted to see the important Brewers baseball places around Milwaukee? Now you can with a trip in the Roflcopter. Our pilot will take you into the air and give you an aerial view of the important landmarks around Milwaukee. He’s also an expert at telling jokes, so you’ll be laughing the whole time!

500,000: A complete set of golden gloves

For those of you who like to show some flash in the baseball field, this package is perfect. It includes a golden set of batting gloves, a golden set of baserunning gloves, and a golden mitt for your preferred fielding position. Show some real flash out there on the field! No one will miss you with these shiny gloves on your side!

1,000,000: BCB Platinum Membership

It’s been rumored for a while, but now we are making it official. If you can manage to get to 1 million points, you can purchase your membership into BCB Platinum! Featuring complete box scores in every recap, customizeable phone alerts for new posts and comments, auto-rec preferences that you can set for yourself, and much more. This membership will pay for itself in no time. Join the elite club of members who have managed to snag one of these exclusive passes!

That’s all we have for official prizes. While the list only goes up to one million points, there’s rumors of a special prize if you can actually reach one billion points. No one knows for sure, but the rumors say you might be able to buy your very own house!

With that in mind, it’s time to start collecting those points. Save up for your favorite prize! Don’t get discouraged about how high it is, just keep saving up and one day, you can claim it for yourself!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little tribute on April Fool’s Day. While this has been a joke post with no real rewards program, we hope you continue to read, write, and collect recs the same. For those of you who may be newer to the site, Yar Nivek put together a good post covering many of the BCB Memes here.