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Freddie Freeman compares Miller Park lighting to ‘little league field’

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Atlanta’s All-Star first baseman isn’t a fan of hitting in Milwaukee

Atlanta Braves v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

It might sound weird, considering Miller Park’s reputation as a hitter’s haven and the offensive onslaught the Atlanta Braves have put on the Brewers this weekend, but Freddie Freeman really, really does not like hitting in Milwaukee.

Despite hitting the eventual game-winning home run on Friday night, the two-time All-Star and 2016 Top-10 MVP vote-getter went off on Miller Park to his hometown newspaper:

"I mean, I've had maybe one or two good series here out of six," he said. "But I can hardly see the ball. I think it was a ball in the first (inning), double play, and I almost missed it because I couldn't see the ball until it got on me. It's just dark. … And they shot off those fireworks (before the Brewers' first inning) and the fog just got trapped in there, it was hard to see. I even asked all their guys, I said I don't know how you guys play in here. I would not be good here.

“I'm just glad it's three games and out. I don't see the ball well, at all. I don't understand that (lighting problem). Arizona's (lighting in retractable dome) is great. I feel like Little League fields are lit better than this. Obviously they have no problem (Freeman laughed) because their guys are hitting. I guess you get used to it. Our lights at SunTrust (Park) are awesome. Turner Field was a little dark."

While Miller Park does tend to look like the inside of a garage when the roof and outfield panels are both closed, it’s an odd complaint that we don’t hear from visiting players very often — let alone ones that have actually hit well there.

Freeman is hitting .250/.338/.531 lifetime in Milwaukee, with 8 of his 16 hits being either a double or a home run. He went 3-for-5 on Saturday night after making those comments. Matt Kemp also hit three home runs in that game.

Do you agree that night games under the dome can feel a little drab?

Statistics courtesy of Baseball-Reference