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Game Thread #7: Chicago Cubs (3-2) @ Milwaukee Brewers (2-4)

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Zach Davies is on the mound as the Brewers go for the series win.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

It's the first Sunday game of the season, and it's picture perfect weather in Milwaukee today. The weather is nice enough that the roof is open today as the Brewers go for the series win. Zach Davies is the first starter to get a second turn, hoping to rebound from his rough first start. Meanwhile, the bullpen got a boost with the addition of David Goforth, and the team could use a long start so they don't have to dip into the bullpen too far.

Today's game is on FS Wisconsin, as well as the Brewers Radio Network. Ryan Braun and Keon Broxton are both back in the lineup for today's game. Here are the rest of the lineups: