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Today’s Brewers-Cubs game has been postponed, will be played on July 6

Rain all day in Chicago ended up postponing this one.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Rain has claimed another game against a division rival.

After enduring a two-hour rain delay in yesterday’s game against the Cubs, there were concerns entering today about the ability to get this game in. It appears as though those concerns were legitimate, with rain forecast for Chicago all day, along with cool temperatures that feel colder in the rain. As a result, the game for today has been postponed, two hours before the game even started.

An official makeup date has not been announced, but there appears to be three possibilities for it. They could play a double-header tomorrow, though the fact that one wasn’t announced with the postponement means that is unlikely. The Brewers and Cubs don’t play again at Wrigley until September, so they could also have a double-header then. There’s also a mutual off-day of July 6 that could work for the two teams. The Brewers will be coming off a series against the Orioles at home, and the Cubs will be at home between series against the Rays and Pirates. A double-header in September is the most likely option, but we’ll have to wait and see what the teams do.

Meanwhile, another effect of this rainout is that it may push Ryan Braun’s return date back. Braun is eligible to return from the 10-day DL tomorrow, but the rain is prohibiting him from being able to get onto the field and test his legs. Craig Counsell mentioned three possibilities for Braun’s return:

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but with the rainy conditions in Chicago, it may be best for Braun to wait until he gets back to Miller Park, so his first games back can be in a controlled environment and not on slick outdoor grass.

In the meantime, enjoy your unplanned day off of Brewers baseball. Just be back here tomorrow for as the Brewers go for the two-game sweep (or maybe three). Today’s starters should be pitching tomorrow instead (Jake Arrieta vs. Chase Anderson), with first pitch scheduled for 1:20 pm.

EDIT: It looks like tomorrow is off the table for a make-up game.

EDIT #2: Makeup date will be on July 6. It’s a mutual off-day for both teams.