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Brewers upset with Cubs following Saturday’s rainless rainout

The Cubs called Saturday’s game off early in the day, but rain never developed at gametime

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Baseball is more fun when two rivals are good at the same time.

As much schadenfreude as some Brewers fans might have had when the Chicago Cubs were going through a rebuilding process in 2011 while the Brewers were on their way to a division title and NLCS appearance, things were more fun in 2008, when both teams were postseason contenders. Every game felt more important and more personal.

We might be getting back to that point.

In April, John Lackey casually mentioned he kinda, sorta, maybe thought Eric Thames was on PEDs after Thames took him deep. Chris Bosio followed that up by echoing Lackey's frustration and incorrectly stating Thames' "body changed" during his time away in Korea. Since then, Thames has been drug tested multiple times.

Now, after the Cubs called off Saturday's game for rain despite no rain falling all afternoon, it's the Brewers calling bull on the Cubs:

If you follow Tom Haudricourt on Twitter, you probably noticed his running commentary yesterday about the lack of rain in the afternoon. The rain had stopped by the scheduled start time of 1:20 p.m. CDT, and it remained dry for at least four hours after, which presumably would have been enough time to get the game in.

Brewers manager Craig Counsell was maybe a little less diplomatic than Stearns about the situation:

The Cubs have been scuffling as of late, but it’s probably unfair to assume something nefarious here. However, the “bad forecast” theory might be easier to believe if this kind of thing hadn’t happened before:

Rivalries where the teams quibble over things like the chance of precipitation at any given hour are the best.

Before we know it, Joe Maddon might be complaining about the ribbon boards at Miller Park being too bright.