Knebel, Drake, and Thames collaborated with MillerCoors to create new beer


During today's off day, three prominent Milwaukee Brewers - first baseman Eric Thames and relievers Oliver Drake and Corey Knebel - took a tour of the MillerCoors Brewery in Milwaukee. The group collaborated with employees of MillerCoors to create new a flavor of beer that will hopefully be served during a special theme night later this season. The plan appears to be for special tickets to become available for a yet-to-be-determined game in August that will include the chance to sample the Brewers' creation. Thames famously told the USA Today that "Milwaukee has great beer. I love beer" when talking about why he chose to sign with the Brewers, while Massachusetts native Drake has long been quite interested in the various breweries out on the east coast. Knebel brews his own beer at home as a hobby.