This Week in Memes

I don't normally post mid-season meme updates. But holy crap people, this has been one heck of a week! Some other folks might use more colorful language, but I don't want the kids to see negative things.

In the past week we have had two absolutely epic threads that have truly reminded us all of the reason for the season (you know, BUCKS-iversary season).

By my count, these amazing threads have birthed the following meme prospects. Will they survive to the update after the season ends? That's up to you!

This is a once in a lifetime offense - Because you've gotta go ALL IN when a bunch of players like Eric Thames, Eric Sogard, and company put up totally sustainable numbers in line with their expectations.

Complaints Against Trackers Tracker - We here at the good BCB love ourselves some trackers. The more obscure and inconsequential to the actual on-field outcome the better. But some of our visitors don't feel the same. They complain about our trackers. So we track their complaints. That'll teach em.

Cubicle GMs - What do we know about baseball? We're just nerds with white collar jobs, sitting in a cubicle talking about sports instead of filing our TPS reports.

I know some of the mods personally - Name dropping is a common thing. And nothing brings respect like saying that you know BCB mods in real life, because they're totally smart and awesome people who don't work in cubicles.

Asterisks on Hernan's Hundred Tracker: For some reason, the mods have taken to deleting some of the more spicy conversations that occur on BCB threads. As a result, the tracker for posts with >100 comments has some caveats included. I wish we didn't need the asterisk, but until I know some of the mods personally, there's nothing I can do to persuade them.

Saydee Sogard - Okay, so this isn't related to epic troll jobs. But this adorable little tyke stole our hearts when she broke out into tears asking why the Padres had to win. Luckily, daddy went back out there and helped the Brewers take the next three games from the San Diego team which even showed their sympathy by giving her cotton candy and cupcakes!

Sick of your act - Imagine showing up at San Diego Comic Con wearing a shirt that says "Greedo shot first." Then when the fanboys and fangirls start giving you crap, you tell them, one by one, that you're sick of their act. Yeah, that's what this guy tried to pull. I'm not sure how this is going to be used going forward, but it has legs, there's no telling where it might go!

Plagiarism - After you tell a bunch of people that you're sick of their act, and they tell you that, counterpoint, they are sick of YOUR act. That's plagiarism. And if anyone tries to pull that crap on one of the papers that I'm grading, I'm going to have them in an Academic Integrity Review Board so fast their head's gonna spin.