Why diehardbrewer is a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers

First time writing (bear with me) but a long time reader here on this site.

I have always been a huge fan of baseball and have baseball cards from the mid to late 90s to prove it. My father got me into collecting as he did when he was a kid. We didn't have a lot of money growing up so Brewers games were few and far between but we loved watching them on TV and listening to them on the radio. Being a smaller kid, I gravitated towards baseball because size did not matter as much. I played from tee-ball all the way into high school until adult stuff got in the way (and realizing that I would never go pro).

During college, my buddies and I would try to go to as many games as possible, (Uecker seats all the way). While most of them were big into the tailgating, my goal was to be in the stadium before the National Anthem. Something about it just gives me chills. I've been to a few other stadiums but have always loved the atmosphere and excitement the Brewers brought to the table.

My wife is a huge Brewers fan just like I am but she completely shocked me when she told me she wanted to get married at Miller Park. One very large check and a year and a half later, we are having our ceremony right on the field. We would average a little over 20 games per year until we finally decided that becoming season seat holders would be a more cost effective option. This past year I went to Spring Training with her for the first time (for me, not her) and felt like a little kid, getting autographs from my favorite players.

Not to ramble on too much more, I will say that the last time I felt this excited for the Brewers was during the Prince, Braun, Weeks era. I am looking forward to seeing which prospects will make it and become the next Brewers mainstays. I read the articles on this site everyday and am so glad there a bunch more fans like me.

Go Crew!