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Milwaukee Brewers lose it in extras to the Diamondbacks 4-2

The losing streak is destined to continue.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

WP: T.J. McFarland
LP: Wily Peralta
SV: Fernando Rodney

HR: Jake Lamb (14), Jett Bandy (6), Chris Iannetta (5)

Box Score

Everyone thought Wily Peralta would stop being a constant rain cloud over the Milwaukee Brewers when he was sent to hide in the bullpen. It turns out, he can still ruin everything in the bullpen just as well as he proved tonight in a ten-inning loss.

Putting Wily Peralta aside for a moment, there were a decent amount of positives in this game. Opening Day starter Junior Guerra made a mostly successful return to Milwaukee. During only his second start of the season, Guerra went 5.2 innings and only allowed a run with five strikeouts. His one mistake came against Jake Lamb and resulted in a solo home run. All in all, a nice return for Guerra and hopefully a spark to the rotation.

His start would have been even better if the Brewers’ offense wasn’t stifled by Diamondbacks starter Zack Godley. Godley went six scoreless and struck out six Brewers batters. The Brewers ALMOST got a run off a Godley, but it ended up with some drama. The D-Backs pitcher threw a wild pitch, and Eric Thames came in to score. Chris Iannetta rushed from the catcher’s spot and got the ball just in time to toss it over to Godley for a close play. The ump called Thames out on the slide, and that sparked quite a bit of excitement from Craig Counsell. You can watch the video below and definitely will not see some choice words from CC.

Note that someone actually attempts to restrain Thames. That is a job I never want to have. It’s like volunteering to be the person trying to stop the train.

While the Brewers were clearly frustrated, they received a gift. Old friend Jorge De La Rosa came out to a warm greeting from Jett Bandy in the form of a game-tying solo homer in the seventh.

The offense would take the lead in the eighth via a Hernan Perez double setting Milwaukee up to end a four-game losing streak. Then Corey Knebel, ol’ slightly reliable Knebel decided it was time to make the ninth inning interesting and gave up a homer to Ianetta to tie the game. Boo.

The Brewers would go scoreless in the ninth and head to the tenth bringing out Wily Peralta. I’m going to go ahead and let the blame fall on Craig not being there. I know managers can still manage from the clubhouse by having a messenger run back and forth. I know that it was probably a decision that was always going to be encouraged by the pitching coach. I also know putting Peralta in a situation where something can get ruined will, in fact, ruin that thing. I wasn’t wrong.

Wily must have felt sorry for the D-Backs and their recent bout of success because he decided to huck a wild pitch with a runner on third going down by one. He then generously put a meatball out to Jake Lamb so he could lace a double down the right field line.

The offense would come out in the bottom of the tenth to make it slightly exciting, but it ended with a 4-2 Brewers loss, the fifth consecutive loss for Milwaukee.

What’s on tap for tomorrow? A game that really looks to be in Milwaukee’s favor (sarcasm font). The struggling Chase Anderson (2-1, 4.25 ERA) goes against former fan favorite Zack Greinke (6-1, 2.82 ERA). The number in the parenthesis aren’t great numbers to go on for predicting an outcome, but * spoiler alert * they don’t favor the Brew Crew. First pitch is at 3:10 p.m.