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Tonight’s Brewers-Cardinals Game Postponed, Tomorrow’s Game Moved to Evening

With rain expected all day in St. Louis, tonight’s game has been officially postponed, and tomorrow’s will be moved back to the evening.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a rainy day in St. Louis today, and the rain is expected to fall all day. There were already questions about if today’s game would be able to be played or not, and now we have our answer. Tonight’s game has officially been postponed, with no makeup date announced.

With rain expected all day, it’s no surprise that the game was postponed. However, tomorrow’s game is also in doubt as the rain is expected to continue through tomorrow. As a result, tomorrow’s game was moved to the evening in hopes that the game could be played:

One positive from the rainout today: Tomorrow’s game, which was originally scheduled to not be televised, will now be televised. Meanwhile, a make-up date has not been announced and will likely end up being a double-header. The Brewers and Cardinals do have a mutual off-day on June 12, before the Brewers next series in St. Louis, but it falls as their only off day in a stretch of 33 games in 34 days, so that’s an unlikely choice. The Brewers other trip to St. Louis is their last series of the season with no off-day before it.

Looking ahead to the Pittsburgh series, more rain problems could be on the way. Rain is expected throughout the day on Friday and Saturday, which could put those games in doubt as well.

It really makes you appreciate Miller Park and the roof. No risk of any rainouts at home, just 81 regularly scheduled games.