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Meet the Milwaukee Brewers’ 7th Round Pick Bowden Francis

Bowden’s draft was an experience shared with his brother.

Bowden Francis pitches in college
Brewers’ draft pick Bowden Francis

We continue our conversations with Brewers’ draftees. This time we interviewed seventh round pick Bowden Francis. Bowden is a big sinker baller who was expected to go a few rounds earlier than he went to the Brewers. He breaks down his draft day and who he is on the mound.

Brad Ford: Congrats on getting drafted! What was it like when you found out you were drafted?

Bowden Francis: It was awesome. I was kind of stressed out at first. It’s different getting a call and them telling you where you’re going to go and then it’s a different feeling when you actually get your name called and it’s certain.

Brad: What were you doing when you found out you were drafted?

Bowden: It was just me and my little brother Harrison. He got picked in the fourth, so we were just kind of watching after that waiting for me to get picked. Once I got picked we just celebrated together.

Brad: Did you know that the Brewers were interested in you?

Bowden: They were probably in the top 10. They weren’t even in the top five though. I started sliding, and they said they were going to get me in the sixth and it just kind of fell through. I texted Steve Smith, an area scout, and we kinda texted back and forth, and he was trying real hard to get me then all of a sudden in the seventh my name was called.

Brad: What’s the scouting report for Bowden Francis? What are the pitches you go to? What’s your velocity?

Bowden: I’m like a sinker kinda guy. I have a high three-quarter slot. I usually like to pitch inside a lot and get in on their hands. I like to throw a changeup a lot, and I throw a slider. My slider is 79-80, my changeup is 80-82, and the fastball is usually 90-93, I’ve touched a couple of fours, but I usually sit around 92.

Brad: What’s your go-to pitch in the arsenal? Is it the sinker?

Bowden: The sinker and then my slider is the out pitch.

Brad: Do you model yourself after anyone?

Bowden: I’ve heard (Derek) Lowe, but I like to watch Gerrit Cole a lot.

Brad: When you reach the big leagues, where do you see yourself? The starting rotation or the bullpen?

Bowden: I’d like to be in the top three starters.

Brad: What do you like to do in your downtime?

Bowden: I’ll watch Netflix here and there. Usually, I like to work out or play golf. I like to take it easy.

Brad: If you weren’t playing baseball, what else would be your dream job?

Bowden: If not playing, I’d like to a Division 1 coach or a scout. I’d want to stay around the game.