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Meet the Milwaukee Brewers’ 4th Round Pick Brendan Murphy

Brendan Murphy started packing for college, then he got the call from the Brewers.

In the fourth round, the Brewers were able to acquire a highly touted high school lefty who’s ready to make an impact in professional baseball. I spoke with Brendan Murphy about being drafted by the Brew Crew.

Brad Ford: What was it like when you found out you were drafted?

Brendan Murphy: It happened so fast. I went into shock and my adrenaline sky rocketed. After hearing my name called, I immediately hugged my family and couldn't stop smiling.

BF: Who was with you watching the draft?

BM: I was actually just with my family and we were just sitting on our phones waiting for a phone call that I got drafted.

BF: I was just reading that you had actually all but lost hope a team was going to draft you and meet your demands before the Brewers called. What was it like going from that feeling of being defeated, after I'm a sure a couple of anxious days, to being on top of the world?

BM: It got to the point in the draft where slots were falling lower and I hadn't heard anything from anyone. So, I started to do some laundry to get ready and decided what clothes I were going to take with me to school. Then, I got a text from my advisor saying the Brewers have an offer. I immediately called my advisor and he explained to me what was happening and that he needed to know soon. So he hung up and went to see if there was any other offers and nothing had come up. He then called me and was like "I need to know now" and I said let's do it! It was a crazy experience. The second I told my family there was an offer their faces lit up and at that moment I knew I made the right decision and I couldn't be happier with it!

BF: Did you know the Brewers were interested in you heading into the draft?

BM: Yes, I did. I had talked to the area Scout in the morning. He had come watch me throw a bullpen in the winter, and he was out at several games.

BF: How excited is your family that you were drafted by a team so close to home?

BM: It's exciting! Even with the A-ball team in Wisconsin, it will be close. It's nice that my family and friends will be really close and will be able to come see me pitch.

BF: Before the draft were you or any of your family Brewers fans? What are your feelings on the St. Louis Cardinals?

BM: My family is full of die-hard Cubs fans. I have a buddy who is a Brewers fan, so we go up to games a lot. Being a north-side guy, I don't like the Cardinals at all.

BF: The Cardinals news is great, and all that matters is that they're Brewers fans now.

BM: They are, we went a bought a couple hats and shirts today!

BF: Can you give us a self-scouting report?

BM: I have a three-pitch mix consisting of a fastball, changeup and slider. My fastball usually sits 88-91, topping out at 93. I feel I command both sides of the plate well with the fastball and that I have a really good feel for my changeup. I do need to improve my slider so it has sharper bite to it. I feel once I continue to beef up more velocity will come, too.

BF: What role do you see yourself in if you get to the big leagues? Team ace? Bullpen? Rotation?

BM: My goal is to be the team ace one day. I like to set high goals and really work hard towards them so, that's my goal and that's where I see myself.

BF: Is there a player you model your game after?

BM: I like model my game like Clayton Kershaw. Just the way he pitches and pounds the zone and commands is what makes him so good. I just love watching him pitch.

BF: What do you think is the best tool you have on your mound? A certain pitch? Your command? Your poise?

BM: I believe my presence and my poise is what makes me best. I don't let anything bother me. After that, my command.

BF: When you're not playing baseball, what do you do for fun?

BM: If I'm not sitting at home or working out, I like to disc golf with my friends or even fish. I'm not into video games. I like being outside and moving around.

BF: Anything else you want to share with Brewers fans?

BM: I'm excited to be apart of the organization and I want to win a World Series in Milwaukee!