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Now that the draft is done, let the mad dash to rate and grade everyone begin.

MLB: General Managers Meetings Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

People love lists. People especially love prospect lists. They also love instant takes on who added the best prospects following a draft.

With the MLB Draft wrapping up on Wednesday, it didn't take long for the first post-draft rankings to come up --'s Jim Callis has already ranked the top draft classes from this year, with your Milwaukee Brewers coming in at 4th place.

It's probably not a surprise, given the team's first round selection of Keston Hiura, who Callis had ranked as his best hitter in the draft. He also calls supplemental first round pick Tristen Lutz "one of the most promising sluggers" available. He also name-drops third rounder KJ Harrison, fifth rounder Nick Egnatuk and sixth rounder Devin Hairston. He also seems to like 12th round pick Je'Von Ward, pointing out he has both raw power and plus speed.

The Twins -- who had the first pick in every non-supplemental round -- are ranked first on Callis' list. The Reds -- who had the second pick in every non-supplemental round -- rank second. The Pirates (third) and the Blue Jays (5th) round out the top 5.

While high picks don't guarantee the most talented draft classes in baseball, that kind of thing highlights the relative silliness of ranking draft classes less than 24 hours after the final pick. In most sports drafts, you have to wait 3 or so years before you can truly grade a team's performance. In baseball drafts, you'll probably have to wait that long just to see one of those players drafted even reach the majors (if any ever do). If three of your 40 players picked eventually reach the big leagues, even if it's just for a cup of coffee, that's usually considered a good draft.

Still, it's nice to see the Brewers continue to get some recognition from national voices for the farm system they're building. At the very least, it's good to have a reputation for having a good farm system, whether it's for generating fan excitement for the future or giving the perception of having valuable trade chips.

You can find a list of every pick the Brewers made this week (and see if/when they sign) on our 2017 Draft and Signing Tracker.