Who should the Brewers trade?

So the Brewers are goingish for it this year! They are in the play off run in July and they need to upgrade the bullpen and maybe pick up a starter. They probably aren't looking for an A list rental player and it probably is someone that maybe with the team for a couple of years. And in true sort of going for it fashion they don't want to hurt the future of the Brewers.

So who should the Brewers trade:

1. Garrett Cooper: Maybe his success won't translate into the big leagues but as part of a package the other team can talk about "And we also got a major league ready league leading hitter!" The time is right to trade Garrett Cooper.

2. Brett Phillips: He has shown flashes of great potential; but has been eclipsed by Brinson and matched by Cordell. And Ray will catch up to him in development in the next two years. He has also been erratic at times. With Santana succeeding and if Braun is going anyplace, Phillips doesn't have a path to starting in the majors for the next two to three years so it may be best to trade for other talent.

3. Keon Broxton: If Lewis Brinson is the future than it may be more productive to trade Broxton during this year. During the off season his market will be limited by his deficiencies and the obviousness of needing to move him to give Brinson the position. (Remember the Krush deal) It would have been nice if Brinson had come up and seized the position but either way, Keon Broxton's future is with another team.

4. Jorge Lopez: He hasn't excelled but is still listed as a top 20 prospect right now. At this point he is another back end of the rotation type of prospect. So long term is it Lopez of Zach Davies? Or someone else. Considering the stock pile of potential starters, Lopez seems expendable.

As a package or as individuals, these chips probably don't net a top tier pitcher but they likely net a good bullpen arm with 1.5 to 2 years of control. And it may not take much to win the central this year.