Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey hey hey, Goodbye: The Miguel Diaz Version

It looks like future Hall of Famer, Miguel Diaz, will not be coming back to Milwaukee. Somehow (wink wink) it looks like he's heading to the DL.

Apparently, Erik Aybar had to remind Diaz that he needed to fake his injury in the middle of the third inning.

He's at 80 days right now. He needs 90 before the officially have him locked up. They could bring him back later in the year when he is "healed" or the just do the 10 days next season before optioning him back to AA.

I would imagine that Diaz is furious with the decision to shut him down, but when his agent said, "Hey Miguel. It's all about the money. You will be on the MLB roster all year collecting MLB pay. You will also be on the 40-man next year and getting that pay. If you go back to Milwaukee now, you won't even get 40-man roster pay, much less MLB pay. You're screwed. Deal with it. Take the big paychecks."

At that point, Diaz began booking a flight back to the DR to see his family and have a celebration of his first successful MLB season on his path to the Baseball Hall of Fame!

Good luck Miguel. We are going to miss you.

Fortunately, David Stearns has loaded the farm system with other Diaz-named pitchers. Victor Diaz in A-ball and Juan Diaz in rookie ball. They are both older than Miguel, so they should be on the fast track to MLB stardom.