BCB Tracking Poll - Week 15 (Midseason Grades!)

Even though we're ten games past the actual midpoint of the season, with the All-Star break upon us I'm going to pick up a poll I ran the last two years and replace this week's non-weekly questions with a team-wide midseason grade poll. We did this in both 2015 and 2016, but in case you don't recall or weren't around, the idea is to grade each Brewer against your preseason (or pre-arrival) expectations for them. So if they're really good, but you expected them to be really good, they get a C. If they're really good but you expected them to be DFA'd before May, that's likely an A. For some Brewers we'll have two or three years' worth of data points, so we can look at some yearly trends as well. Some of those trends will be very interesting -- check out last year's D-grade Brewers, for example. Since things may be a little slow this week, I'll leave this poll open through Thursday night.

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