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What We Learned: How to rank the Brewers

Where would you rank the Brewers as a team as of today? We discuss that and more in today’s What We Learned.

MLB: All Star Game-Batting Practice Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Brewers News and Notes

How much do people believe in the Brewers outside the state of Wisconsin? Well, it depends on what publication or site you go by. If you look at Bleacher Report, they are big believers in the Brewers, ranking them all the way up at #3. That’s a jump of 22 spots since the start of the season, and while it’s on the high end of rankings, it’s not necessarily a crazy rankings. In fact, the ranking at ESPN is more unreasonable over Bleacher Report’s ranking. ESPN has the Brewers ranked at #8, which is not the issue, that’s a decent ranking for this team. The issue is the team directly ahead of them: the Yankees, ranked at #7. Over the course of the season, are the Yankees the better team? Maybe, that’s open for debate. However, if you look at where the teams are right now, with the Brewers just taking 2 of 3 from them, and trending upwards while the Yankees are heading in the opposite direction, it’s a little harder to swallow. There’s likely some big market bias here, and a team like the Brewers will be hard pressed to get by it.

Of course, arguing about power rankings isn’t the most important issue with the team right now. The fact that it’s a point that can be debated right now is one of many encouraging signs this season. Regardless of where you look, the Brewers are in a favorable spot entering the second half of the season, and that’s something to be celebrated.

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Minor League Update

Colorado Springs Sky Sox (AAA) | 55-34

  • Monday: Off Day
  • Tuesday: Off Day

Biloxi Shuckers (AA) | 45-42

  • Monday: Biloxi 8, Jacksonville 4
  • Tuesday: Biloxi @ Jacksonville | 6:05 pm

Carolina Mudcats (A+) | 45-42

  • Monday: Carolina 4, Winston-Salem 8
  • Tuesday: Off Day

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (A) | 33-54

  • Monday: Burlington 6, Wisconsin 3
  • Tuesday: Off Day

DSL Brewers (R) | 12-20

  • Monday: DSL D-backs2 5, DSL Brewers 7
  • Tuesday: DSL Brewers @ DSL Phillies White | 9:30 am

DSL Indians/Brewers (R) | 13-19

  • Monday: DSL Indians/Brewers 2, DSL Dodgers2 7
  • Tuesday: DSL Cubs1 @ DSL Indians/Brewers | 9:30 am

Helena Brewers (R) | 11-11

  • Monday: Missoula 5, Helena 9
  • Tuesday: Off Day

AZL Brewers (R) | 11-3

  • Monday: AZL Brewers 10, AZL White Sox 9
  • Tuesday: Off Day

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