Playoff rotations

Just a quick reference for where we are and what the potential playoff matchups could be right now.


Based on the current standings, in the NL

First Round: Washington Nationals


We lose every matchup in round 1. Also, if we were able to acquire Sonny Gray as our new #1, we still lose every matchup.

Championship Series: Los Angeles Dodgers


We lose game 1, and it's lopsided enough that I would start Garza against Kershaw. If somehow we got to Kershaw and were able to chase him, Garza could keep us in the game. I feel good about Nelson and Anderson against Wood and McCarthy, better than their potential replacements if Arizona were able to pull off an upset:


Arizona has a strong top 2 and some choices to play the hot hand at #3. Grienke is always competitive, and we've been upable to do much against Robbie Ray so far, managing only 5 hits in 13 2/3 scoreless innings. I'd actually prefer playing the Dodgers.

World Series: Houston Astros


Houston is winning games based on their offense (like the Brewers) but they also have a good rotation topped by Kuechel, who hasn't lost a game yet this season.

So, when you're talking about upgrading the rotation, remember that our is already good enough to get us into the playoffs if they continue playing as they have, and not good enough to give us an advantage in any series matchup. This doesn't change much with the acquisition of Gray or Happ, but it does increase our chances of winning the division.

I'd be interested in hearing your opinions.