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Game Thread #104: Milwaukee Brewers (54-49) @ Washington Nationals (60-39)

The Brewers hope to steal a series win against Cy Young candidate and birthday boy Max Scherzer

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Birthday, Max Scherzer. We hope you lose.

As noted in the series preview, Scherzer may be the favorite to win the NL Cy Young again this year after Clayton Kershaw landed on the disabled list for at least the next month. The now-33-year-old leads the league in strikeouts (192), FIP (2.80), WHIP (0.840), hits per 9 innings (5.4) and strikeouts per 9 innings (12.4).

Yeah, that looks daunting. You're probably still upset about the 8th inning last night. But baseball can be weird. Last year's Brewers, whose lineup wasn't nearly as strong as this year's top-to-bottom, beat Max Scherzer twice last season. One of those was a 1-0 win thanks to a home run from Martin Maldonado, of all people. In the other game, the Brewers hit two home runs off of Scherzer, scoring 5 runs before chasing him in 6 innings.

Let's get weird and get to Chicago.