Looking ahead at 2018 regression and youth movement

Never wanting to be late to the party, but also not willing to throw in the towel, I take a glance towards 2018.

In 2018 some things will be different. It seems very possible that star players like Anderson, Nelson, Shaw and Santana may have some regressions. Maybe they are all superstars in the making; but probably at least one will regress.

Thames, considering his numbers are supported by one month of outstanding production, is most likely to regress significantly in 2018.

Second base is likely to be filled by someone that isn't on the twenty-five man roster today.

Centerfield will be given to Brinson. Phillips will be the fourth outfielder that will likely play 70 games in left field cause Braun will never ever stay healthy again.

The pitching staff is likely to include Woodruff and Hader as first year starters and by the middle of the year, they are likely to be joined by Burnes or Ortiz. And there are a bunch of rookie bullpen arms that deserve an opportunity at some point.

So the team will be getting younger next year. And that often that doesn't mean better; or at least not having a better record right away.

I don't know if that is rationale for "going for it" this year; but we should value what we have and realize the rebuild continues into the future after 2017.