The Ultimate Sell High Candidate?

I woke up this morning still excited about last night's victory and started to think about the trade deadline quickly approaching. This made me wonder, what would adding the NL July Pitcher of Month candidate to a trade do to sweeten a deal?

We have all been impressed with Brent Suter and his performance as a starter since given the chance. Will he be able to continue on this streak? Is it our collective imagination that he gets hit harder as the game continues, including last night when it seemed every out towards the end was a line drive right at a fielder? Is he really the Ace his numbers make him look like or a candidate to fall off sooner rather than later?

Is there a team out there (Oakland?) willing to take a chance on Suter as part of the package to get the Brewers a quality starter under control for the next couple years? Is Suter's minor league track record and performance this past month enough to make him a viable trade chip?

It seems to me that this may be the peak of Suter's value, if he was a big part of a blockbuster deal it would be the ultimate sell high move for Stearns and company.