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Submit Your Questions for BCB Mailbag #27

Send in your questions and every Friday we'll answer them.

Violent Storms Kill 24 In North Carolina Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

Today is Thursday, and you all know what that means:

Tomorrow is Friday.

And you know what Friday means:

Another edition of the BCB Mailbag!

It seems like forever now that I’ve been saying in these posts that “the Brewers are still in first place.” Well they are, and it’s nearly the All-Star break. Speaking of the midsummer classic, our beloved local nine only got one representative this year despite their standing atop of the NL Central. We’re also quickly coming upon trade season, and the Brewers may very well begin to look to shore up the margins of their roster. So let’s hear your questions about our contending ball club!

Looking forward to seeing what ya’ll come up with this week!